ELTEK Flatpack S 48V/1000W HE
The Flatpack S rectifiers incorporate telecom specifications, high efficiency, OR-ing protection on ..
ELTEK Flatpack2 110-120V/20A HE
Flatpack2 110-120V/20A HEReliable high efficiency rectifier for industrial applicationsKey featuresP..
ELTEK Flatpack2 2000/48W rectifier module
ELTEK Flatpack2 2000 / 48W rectifier module1. High Effective: 92%2. High density in compact size3. S..
ELTEK Flatpack2 220V/2000W HE
Reliable high efficiency rectifier for industrial applications220 Vdc power systems provide an excel..
ELTEK Flatpack2 24-1800 HE
Reliable high efficiency rectifier for industrial applicationsThe Flatpack2 modular concept has a lo..
ELTEK Flatpack2 48/2000 SHE
Super High Efficiency (SHE) rectifier for Telecom ApplicationsThe Flatpack2 2000/48 Super HE is full..
ELTEK Flatpack2 48V/24kW
The versatility of the Flatpack2 rectifier in combination with advanced control and monitoring means..
ELTEK Flatpack2 48V/3000W
Reliability, efficiency and power densityPower systems for the Flatpack2 48V/3000W HE can be designe..
ELTEK Flatpack2 DC/DC 18-75V 24/1350
Wide input DC/DC convertersThe galvanic isolated CAN bus can be connected to a supplying Eltek power..
ELTEK Flatpack2 DC/DC 380V/54V system
Using the Flatpack2 DC/DC 380V/48V 3000W SHE module with Eltek’s feature-rich Smartpack2 control and..
ELTEK Flatpack2 DC/DC 42-75V 380/1350
Central Office DC/DC converter for 380 Vdc distribution systemsThe galvanic isolated CAN bus can be ..
ELTEK Flatpack2 Integrated power system
Flatpack2 Integrated power systemThe versatility of the Flatpack2 rectifier means that it can be use..
ELTEK Flatpack2 Outdoor power system
Flatpack2 Outdoor power systemThe combination of cost-effective design, power density and reliabilit..
ELTEK Flatpack2 Solar Autonomous power core
Flatpack2 - Solar Autonomous power coreThe power core has integrated battery distribution, DC load d..
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