Brands DELTA
Product Code: DELATA ESR-48/30DD
Availability: 100

DELATA Power rectifier module ESR-48/30DD DPR48/30-B-DCE 

Delta MCS 3000 D series rectifier module provides - 48V / 600A output capacity

Basic configuration:

AC input: 380VAC three-phase five wire system

System capacity: - 48V / 600A: shelf, 4 rectifier modules in each row

Load shunt: 200A × 4, 100ax

4, 63ax1, 32ax1, 10ax2

Battery shunt: 500A × 2

Dimensions and weight

Dimension (mm): 600 (W) x 450 (d) x 1600 (H)

Weight (kg): about 110kg (including 12-48v rectifier modules)

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